The Henchman and the Midnight Auctions

By Harrison Taylor

This is the tale of a nobody. In Midnight City, a place where streets hum with monstrous energies and buildings shine like precious metal, we find Jake Mason. An out of shape loan officer who lives in a world with aurum sapiens—humanity's golden children endowed with superhuman abilities. Just when Jake thought his life couldn't get any more revolting, he's brutally beaten. That day Jake made the decision that he would be reborn not as a hero, but as a henchman, an underling of the Valk core led by the notorious Holl's of Infinity. As Jake trains for this new role, he discovers that the villain's path isn't merely about heartless crimes, but about survival. In the midst of Jake’s ascension to the rank of henchman, he steps into a brewing war and a secret that may just be the aurum’s Achilles heel. But can a mere henchman turn the tide of pending catastrophe? Only a page-flip away is a tale that will plunge you into a thrilling new universe of raging mechanized battles between humanity and its next level of evolution. Signed copies $17.99 + Shipping

The Henchman and the Midnight Auctions book by Harrison Taylor