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Harrison Taylor

The fate of nations, and humanity itself, revolves around the Blackout, the United States’ most powerful—and most enigmatic—weapon. It’s the US government’s most guarded secret . . . and the key to unthinkable control for those who know about it and want to leverage it's potential for their own endeavors. When it's stolen by the last remaining Wolf, a super-soldier created by a military experiment, it’s up to the three former members of a top-secret group formed to protect mankind from the dark side of technological espionage to hunt down the Wolf and get it back . . . before it’s too late. But who’s working for whom? Amidst political intrigue and an impending international crisis, the lines of loyalty blur in this action-packed thriller where no one is who they seem, and anything can happen.

Book cover for Those Who Hunt Wolves by Harrison Taylor


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An ideal choice for fans of Riley Sager, George Orwell and Brandon Sanderson, Those Who Hunt Wolves by Harrison Taylor is an action-packed, fast-paced novel that is sure to become a popular book.

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Those Who Hunt Wolves caught my eye with its unique offerings. Genetically enhanced soldiers, corrupt financial institutions behind the most powerful heads of states, and a vengeful batch of mysterious characters on a mission to expose a dark conspiracy.